อยาก Desire (2002) - Classic Thai Erotic Movie

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DilTay Dili [ ภาษาไทย]
Plot: This film is about the sex relationships of a beauty but lascivious Thai model named Sray. After breaking up with her boyfriend because he did not meet her needs, she suddenly came across an architect who later became her sex partner for a while. However, the relationship did not last long because of the intervention of a third man, a middle-aged man but extremely strong and tough. He also owned himself a young and sexually attractive mistress. In the moment Sray was belonged to this old but experienced man. However, the problem is what is the way to satisfy the desire of the three of them? Let's watch and enjoy the "happy ending" scene!

Personally, I like the main Thai actress in this film. The way her makeup as well as lingerie dressing is very erotic, as an young but experience lady in her early 30s.